Marie Colvin killed: Syrian forces had pledged to kill ‘any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil’ – Telegraph

Syrian forces murdered journalist Marie Colvin after pledging to kill


Apple beating Samsung on its home turf as the iPad passes 1 million sales in Korea

Apple has reached 1 million iPad sales in Korea with a market share of around 70 percent, well ahead of Samsung and its Tab tablets.


Teacher’s Facebook drinking posts

A teacher is reprimanded after comments about drinking and parties appeared on her Facebook site and were viewed by pupils.


U.S. on Track to Meet Goal of Higher Exports

President Obamas plan to double American exports in five years is on track.

Exports are now about $180 billion a month, up from $140 billion a month two years ago.


Google claims 90 million Google+ users, 60% active daily

Google said its social network now has 90 million users, with 60 percent active daily and 80 percent active weekly.


Bethlehem set for Christmas Mass

Thousands flock to Bethlehem for Christmas celebrations culminating in Midnight Mass at the site where Christians believe Jesus Christ was born.


4chan’s Chris Poole: Facebook & Google Are Doing It Wrong

Chris Poole delivered the most powerful 10 minutes of Web philosophy of the afternoon at Web 2.0.

The man formerly known as moot – founder of anonymous image sharing den 4chan and its new, better-lit cousin, Canvas, gave us a rousing and principled picture of what the big players get wrong about online identity. “Google and Facebook would have you believe that you’re a mirror,” he said, “but in fact, we’re more like diamonds.” – multi-faceted. It


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