60 pages of amazing Zelda: Skyward Sword art from Hyrule Historia

There are 138 pages in Hyrule Historia. 60 of those pages feature some amazing concept art of for Zelda: Skyward Sword.


Choplifter HD Review

Hey, how it’s going Choplifter? Oh, it’s Choplifter HD now, I see.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to see you at this remake party, but I’m happy you’re here — there are a lot of games I’d like to avoid at this get-together.


New 3DS accessory makes the handheld console less portable

Yesterday, we heard news that upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus would be shipping with a free stand for the console.


I Used to Be a Field Operative Just Like You…

The Skyrim “Arrow in the Knee” meme was all over the internet for the last few month of 2011.

So much that gamers now grit their teeth every time someone beats this dead horse.

Lets give this old meme an official farewell and introduce a new one from Star Wars: The old republic. Its like the arrow to the knee reference but this guy got a lightsaber… to the lungs…


New Study Finds Mobile Gaming Outpacing Consoles, PC

A survey of 15,000 respondents found that many are spending more time gaming on their mobile devices than they used to, and the time they invest is now rivaling that of console games.


Top 5 Strangest Flash Games

We’ve been playing a lot of flash games recently, and some were just too weird to pass up.

Here are the strangest flash games we could find.


The Evolution of id Tech Over The Years: Doom 3 vs RAGE

The engines of id Tech have advanced over the years, bringing us better graphics and capabilities with every iteration.

We take a look at how these games evolved over the years.


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