Conservative Outrage Over Breitbart Death Comments Are Disingenuous

The shocking news about the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart has generated a whirlwind of commentary on the internet.

While some opponents have made distasteful comments, Breitbart himself was guilty of dancing on peoples graves….



The sin of cutting Veterans benefits in the name of austerity (Infographic)

If we don’t speak out, we’re part of the problem – Progressive blogging for the middle class, not corporate welfare.


Samsung Learning Hub coming to tablets, smartphones

Samsung launched Learning Hub, providing users with access to 6,000 textbooks and video lectures from 30 different content providers.


Ann Coulter: Jeb Bush is ‘Embarrassing to the Republican Party’

We’re not sure that you can get more embarrassing than the current state of the GOP primary, and we’re not…


Republicans Have Awoken A Sleeping Giant And She Is Furious

The Republican war on women has awoken a sleeping giant and she is furious, driven, educated, and will remove these male supremacists from power.


Mitt Romney Is Just Like You, People Who Own Multiple Cadillacs

Self-proclaimed “car guy” Mitt Romney accidentally outed himself as being super rich at Ford Field in Detroit. (Detroit: good place to advertise love of cars, bad place to advertise excessive wealth.) Turns out he and his wife drive multiple cars, which ”


Romney Reaches Out To Skeptical Tea Partyers In Michigan

In Michigan, Rick Santorum is counting on the Tea Party to see him as the true conservative option in the race, but Mitt Romney is challenging that claim.


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