Trampolining Yorkshire terrier goes crazy for pet hamster

This Yorkshire terrier appears to be jumping for joy as it bounces back and forth between beds after being driven crazy by a pet hamster scuttling.



Former College Student Sues School Because Her Roommate Was Having Too Much Sex

It drove her to clinical depression.


Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei Leads In Iran Parliamentary Election, As Iran Announces Huge Oil Field Discovery

The results from Iran’s parliamentary election, whose outcome will have virtually no impact on the country’s foreign, nuclear or Iran policy, and thus change the country’s course vis-a-vis Israel and the US, are in, and following a supposedly high turnout as big as 64% which critics have blasted as a sham (unlike American low turnouts which are ‘pristine’, yet where both “opponents” end up paid representatives of the banker class) has seen suppor


The 5 Most Insane Rescue Missions That Actually Worked

We know how it is in movies but sometimes in real life, every once in a while, the good guys pull off a rescue that would seem grossly implausible by Hollywood standards.


“Spiritual Message of Goodwill” Shuts Down Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland was shut down for several hours today due to the presence of a “suspicious object.” That object turned out to be a scroll with a peaceful message for park guests.


What Would You Do With Your Last Year on Earth?

Weve written a lot about the buzz over this years milestone in the Maya calendar (hint: dont believe the hype).

Weve also shared an ultimate adventure bucket list for 2012. So when a friend showed me this infographic based on a recent survey, it caught my attention.


Jaw dropping Samurai Cuts BB Gun Pellet Fired At Him In Half!

Real Samurai Sword Technique – Cutting BB Gun pellet by Isao Machii – Japanese Katana Kenjutsu


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