Boom time for Afghanistan’s people smugglers

The tide of Afghans leaving for Europe is fuelling a lucrative business in fake passports and Taliban death threats


Shooting Victims Loved History, Fitness, Baking

Among the four people killed by the gunman in the still-unexplained shooting was an Iraq War veteran who loved military history, a Navy crewman who had served in Afghanistan and a devoted grandmother who crocheted blankets for every pregnant woman in her life.


Cancer patient told to pay 2,000 for honeymoon that doctors say he won’t be alive to enjoy

After returning from Afghanistan to marry his sweetheart, Mark Tovey was told he was so ill that he would not be able to go on holiday with his new wife in Cancun, Mexico.


The Long-Shot Rifle That Can Drop a Taliban Fighter from 1.5 Miles Away

1.54 miles.

That’s the world’s longest recorded sniper strike. It’s the distance at which British Corporal Craig Harrison eliminated a Taliban machine gun team in Afghanistan in 2009. This is the gun he used: the L115A3 rifle.

Source: shot-rifle-that-can-drop-a-taliban-fighter-from-15-miles-away

U.S. To Just Hand Terry Jones Over To Fundamentalist Muslims

GAINESVILLE, FL”In response to the uproar surrounding Terry Jones, the Florida pastor whose Koran-burning last month sparked riots in Afghanistan that have so far claimed at least 24 lives, the State Department announced today its plan to “just…


Richard Holbrooke, U.S. Diplomat, Dead at 69

ABC News has learned that Richard Holbrooke, the US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, has died.

On Friday, Holbrooke was rushed to the hospital with a torn aorta. He went through more than 20 hours of surgery. Earlier this… Political Punch Blog


The Numbers Game in Afghanistan


Gen. William B. Caldwell, the American officer in charge of overseeing the recruitment and training of all Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), the focus was on quantity, and quality suffered. Speaking on a conference call earlier today, Caldwell said that his command is trying to bring the two a little closer together by growing the force


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