Top 10 Best Free Android Facebook Apps

Top 10 Best Free Android Facebook Apps


Google Deletes ‘RuFraud’ Scam Android Applications

Google has deleted 22 Android applications from its Android Market after they were found out to have contained fraudulent software such as Angry Birds.


How Deep is Amazon’s Love for HTML5 in Kindle Format 8?

Last week, Amazon announced its principal format for electronic books distributed to its new Android-based Kindle Fire series of full-color, touchscreen tablets would “support,” to borrow Amazon’s choice …


Sony Reader PRS-T1 hacked to run Android

The Sony Reader PRS-T1 has been rooted.

While it has been known that the e-reader runs a version of Android, it was thought that it could not be hacked as the Android install was not a full version. As the video below demonstrates, a AWD.Launcher has been hacked to run on the device, although not all apps work.


Adobe preps Photoshop Touch, more for iPad and Android (w/Pics)

Adobe started off its MAX conference with six new creative apps all focused around the iPad and Android tablets.

Its flagship, Photoshop Touch, is intended more to replicate professional image editing with support for layers and other “core” editing tools. It acknowledges the limitations of fingers and pens, and carries a unique scribble select feature to extract objects as well as the desktop app’s Refine Edge option to get very minute selection


Idea: Microsoft should bundle a Bluetooth keyboard with select Windows Phone 7 devices

Ive been thinking about the prospects of Microsofts Windows Phone platform and how it can compete with Apples iOS and Googles Android.

There are no doubts in my mind the Redmond giant is seriously committed to drive its mobile game forward but thus far they failed to reach the tipping point. Sure developers know Microsoft wont give up that easily and are porting their apps in volumes. However, at the moment not that many peop


Smartphone data usage jumps 89% in the U.S., Android users still biggest gluttons

The Nielsen Company on Friday released its latest findings regarding smartphone data usage and as expected, data consumption continued to increase at an explosive pace in the first quarter of 2011.


Windows Phone Sales To Top Android In 2015

Smartphones share of the global cell phone market is poised to explode over the next four years, according to market research firm Pyramid Research.


Skype Android app can expose your personal information

Do you use the Skype for Android app? Your personal information may be vulnerable thanks to an exploit in the app.


AT&T Plans a Plethora of New Smartphones for 2011

AT&T is thinking ahead.

Knowing that Verizon will get a bigger portion of the market come February, the company has announced that they have huge plans for 2011. And that includes 12 new Android and 20 new 4G devices.


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