iPhone soaks up 75 percent of all mobile phone profits

Apple holds only a 9 percent share of the global mobile phone market but it grabbed 75 percent of the industry’s overall profits last quarter, according to data from Asymco.

Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Apple.


Apple iPhone 5 ‘coming in March’ – and WILL have four-inch screen as sources report mass orders of larger touchscreens

Japanese fan site Macotakara reports Sony and Hitachi are making four-inch screens for the new phone – and have already shipped early prototypes to Apple’s Cupertino HQ – hinting at a release as early as March.


Samsung Demands Apple iPhone 4S Source Code

Although Samsung is still into parts supply deals with Apple, it appears like the legal struggles between the two electronics giants are not going to end in the near future.

Samsung has come out with their latest demand, the iPhone 4S source code.


The 35 Best Free Apple iPhone Apps

If ‘free’ is the magic word when you’re shopping for iPhone apps, this essential set of 30 should be on your list.


Apple iPhone 5 Reportedly in the Hands of Beta Testers

Well, we hear the next generation iPhone has been handed out for testing to 3rd party beta testers.

Rumors are gathering cream on what the new generation iPhone will pack under the hood.


Android users like ribs, iPhone users like chicken

Stop the presses! The fanboy wars are about to get really ugly because a new, super-important survey from coupons.com said Android owners prefer pork ribs while Apple iPhone owners prefer chicken.


iPhone beats toilet in ‘greatest inventions’ list

The Apple iPhone has been voted as one of the 10 greatest inventions ever, according to a poll of 4,000 UK consumers.