Best List Of Android Apps And Games 2011

Best List Of Android Apps And Games 2011


Apps to Save Your Sanity During the Holidays

Fortunately, Lookout is looking out for all of us and in this infographic offers its suggestions for apps that will help us all stay safe and sane through the rest of this holiday season and beyond.


How Online Reading Has Evolved in 2011

This time last year I wrote a post outlining how online reading patterns had changed over 2010.

The habits and products for reading on the Web have continued to evolve over 2011. This year, for example, Google+ arrived on the scene and changed the way many people find and discuss topical articles. We also saw continued innovation in mobile and tablet reading apps. In this post I identify two key trends in online reading over 2011, plus two main w


Adobe preps Photoshop Touch, more for iPad and Android (w/Pics)

Adobe started off its MAX conference with six new creative apps all focused around the iPad and Android tablets.

Its flagship, Photoshop Touch, is intended more to replicate professional image editing with support for layers and other “core” editing tools. It acknowledges the limitations of fingers and pens, and carries a unique scribble select feature to extract objects as well as the desktop app’s Refine Edge option to get very minute selection


How to Google Like Google Googles

Google made the best search engine on the Web and then went on to create (arguably) the best email and mapping apps, too.

But as you might expect, these services are filled with cool features that don’t stick out on the surface–including some of the most useful features offered by the apps.


Google Will Soon Grow Brand New Sign-In Pages For All Their Apps

In keeping with new changes Google’s rolling out for their services, all their login pages will soon follow suit.

Hence the new layout for Gmail’s page.

Source: in-page

Idea: Microsoft should bundle a Bluetooth keyboard with select Windows Phone 7 devices

Ive been thinking about the prospects of Microsofts Windows Phone platform and how it can compete with Apples iOS and Googles Android.

There are no doubts in my mind the Redmond giant is seriously committed to drive its mobile game forward but thus far they failed to reach the tipping point. Sure developers know Microsoft wont give up that easily and are porting their apps in volumes. However, at the moment not that many peop


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