Hoo-ah: How the US Army Has Become a Social Media Leader

Over the past several years, the US Army has developed an exemplary program in exploiting numerous social media methods, and done so without a lot of flash, expense, or personnel.

They have an engaged audience, numerous followers, and maintained a multi-pronged campaign into all of the major social media networks, including recent beach-heads in Pinterest and Google+. All this, and with a five-person team based in the Pentagon and without spendin


4 ‘Geek Humor’ Books by Authors Who Understand Neither

Comedy that panders to one specific audience never works.

It’s why most people mistake the jokes on Sex and the City for videos of livestock giving bi…


Jon Stewart Crushes Fox News In The 2011 Ratings

By losing 9% of their audience in 2011, Fox News’ prime time lineup now averages fewer viewers than Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.


The Best Christmas Poster Advertisements [PHOTOS]

As we consider that strong advertisement is a greatest way to convey the message to the audience and if they are formed for sharing the happiness and joy of the occasions and social events then the result will be more fantastic.

Millions companies and printing services compete with each other to produce best Christmas ads and posters.


Chaos As Bull Leaps Into Audience (Video)

Those in attendance should be thankful that no one was killed, but for how long will we continue to watch this new breed of Air Jordan-like bulls leap through the air and into crowds before taking the necessary precautions?


Mad Men, in Legoland

Due to the heavy drinking and frequent adultery Mad Men is not best suited for a younger audience.

So these rather genius Lego creations are about as kid-friendly as it’s gonna get.


Glenn Beck Tells Audience He Might Be Going Blind

Glenn Beck tells audience he may lose his sight.


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