Copyright enforcement and the Internet: We just haven’t tried hard enough?

Is effective Internet copyright enforcement even possible? “We won’t know,” writes blogger Kevin Drum, “until we try.” But Congress has been “trying” for two decades, with ever-larger costs to consumers and taxpayers….



Google top U.S. Web destination in 2011: Nielsen

Facebook notched up 137.6 million unique US visitors a month and Yahoo! 130.1 million.

MSN, WindowsLive and Bing were next with 115.9 million unique US visitors a month, followed by YouTube with 106.7 million. Also 45.7 million a month for Blogger and 23.6 million a month for Twitter, Nielsen said.


Blogger in Taiwan Jailed for Calling Food ‘Too Salty’

Remind us not to write about the food in Taiwan.

On Tuesday, a blogger in Taiwan was sentenced to a month of detention and two years probation for writing that a restaurant’s beef noodles were “too salty.”


Over 100 Employees Affected by EA Layoffs

Earlier this month an anonymous blogger referred to as EA Louse posted an inflammatory blog claiming that they were part of a planned layoff at EA scheduled to take place later this year.

While many have speculated that there was no credibility to the bloggers words because there was no way to confirm whether or not EA indeed had layoffs planned.