FCC seeks input on cell phone interruptions

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The deliberate disruption of mobile phone service last year by transit police in San Francisco has prompted federal communications regulators to consider rules for similar situations



Purse Thief Gets More Than He Bargained For (VIDEO)

The incident, filmed by a passerby on his cell phone in the town of Providencia, occurred when a man tried to snatch an old woman’s purse on the sidewalk of an underpass.

When he failed to grab the bag and run, he was surrounded by a group of twisted-minded citizens who proceeded to rip off all of his clothes — except his shirt, which they made him remove himself.


Cell Phone Protects Woman from Bullet

That cell phone that could or could not cause cancer could also save your life.

A woman in Colorado walked away from a shooting unscathed thanks to a cell in her back pocket.


Talking On Your Cell Phone Could Make You Drive Safer

Moves to bar drivers from using cell phones have been driven by the mantra that a phone-holding driver is as dangerous as a drunk one.

However, a new study found cell phones may actually keep some drivers safer. Here’s how.


Charlie Manson hid cell phone under prison mattress

Charles Manson didn’t post to Facebook using a smart phone, but he did make calls using a cell phone from prison. Manson used the phone to make calls and send text messages to people in California, New Jersey, Florida and British Columbia.


Prolonged cell use can trigger allergic reaction, as can body piercing, tattoos and cosmetics

Chatting endlessly on your cell phone can lead to an allergic reaction to the nickel in your phone, according to allergists.

From cosmetics to jewelry, body piercings to tattoos, allergies can lurk in unlikely places, allergists say.


Woman’s last call is to mother, to tell her she’s trapped in a fire

A 25-year-old mother of two died in an Alabama fire with her 8- and 3-year-old daughters.

She called her own mother on a cell phone from the bathroom where the three were trapped. “I heard her gasping for air and I kept screaming for her to break a window,” Tabitha Ishman said. “Then there was silence.”