How Roku is kicking the cable industrys butt & where its going next

Anthony Wood (pictured) is Roku’s CEO, and at his house (he’s married with three kids), each person gets seven hours of TV each week — all sans cable, natch.


CEO Pay Not Linked to Performance

Chief executive salaries do not reflect performance, but are fixed by remuneration committees who want to make sure chief executives do not leave, reports Max Flint.


Samsung CEO, We Dont Want HPs Garbage ” Or Something Like That

Choi, in response to a reports question about the recent analyst report, stated, Its not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion, and that Samsung would never pursue such a deal.


AT&T Rolls Out Free Wi-Fi to Several New York City Parks

New York City has grand aspirations of being the nation’s leading digital city, and it’s a getting a big boost from AT&T towards that goal.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson today announced a five-year initiative that will have AT&T providing free Wi-Fi service at 26 locations spread across…


President Obama To Name Twitter CEO To Advisory Committee

President Obama plans to name Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to a telecom advisory committee.


Access To iPad App Flipboard Compromised In China

As of today certain aspects of the Flipboard experience have been blocked for Chinese users, at the very least access to Facebook and Twitter according to Flipboard CEO Mike McCue.

While direct access to Facebook and Twitter is routinely blocked in China, the Flipboard app talked to its own US-based servers, which in turn talked to Twitter and Facebook so this block is particularly interesting.


Dear Google: You Cant Threaten People Into Being Social

In a memo to Google staff, new CEO and co-founder Larry Page says employee bonuses are effectively on the line if the company’s efforts to add more social features don’t succeed.

But the Google co-founder may find that you can’t threaten people into being social.


Why Sun Microsystems Didn’t Buy Apple Back in 1995, According to the CEO [VID]

A unique opportunity to hear Scott McNealy, co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, in a candid conversation about why they didn’t buy Apple back in 1995.

If they did buy it, “there wouldn’t be iPods or iPads.. I would’ve screwed that up.”


AOLs purchase of HuffPo is more about its CEO than anything else

When Tim Armstrong arrived at AOL in March 2009, employees were ecstatic.

So much so that some adorned the company’s walls with posters featuring Armstrong’s image above the word Hope;modeled after the famous campaign posters of a certain president.


Volkswagen spending $71 billion in attempt for #1 automaker spot

Although many “ including its own CEO “ attribute Toyotas recent missteps to its overzealous and rapid expansion, Volkswagen continues to charge ahead unabashedly in an effort to become the worlds largest automaker by 2018.


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