Why Sun Microsystems Didn’t Buy Apple Back in 1995, According to the CEO [VID]

A unique opportunity to hear Scott McNealy, co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, in a candid conversation about why they didn’t buy Apple back in 1995.

If they did buy it, “there wouldn’t be iPods or iPads.. I would’ve screwed that up.”



AOLs purchase of HuffPo is more about its CEO than anything else

When Tim Armstrong arrived at AOL in March 2009, employees were ecstatic.

So much so that some adorned the company’s walls with posters featuring Armstrong’s image above the word Hope;modeled after the famous campaign posters of a certain president.


Volkswagen spending $71 billion in attempt for #1 automaker spot

Although many “ including its own CEO “ attribute Toyotas recent missteps to its overzealous and rapid expansion, Volkswagen continues to charge ahead unabashedly in an effort to become the worlds largest automaker by 2018.


BMW CEO: Electric Vehicles Won’t Be Profitable At Launch

BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer recently gave an interview in which he discussed the brand’s future with electric vehicles, including profitability problems.


Facebook CEO Admits To Calling Users ‘Dumb Fucks’

Mark Zuckerberg admits in a New Yorker profile that he mocked early Facebook users for trusting him with their personal information.

A youthful indiscretion, the Facebook founder now says he’s much more mature now, at the ripe age of 26.


GM CEO Whitacre says he’s stepping down Sept. 1

DETROIT General Motors Co.

CEO Ed Whitacre says he’s stepping down Sept. 1.

Whitacre says he will be replaced by GM board member Daniel Akerson, the managing director and head of global buyout of The Carlyle Group.


Charlie Rangel Charged With Numerous Ethics Violations, Amon

In the latest black eye to the democrats’ midterm election chances, Charlie Rangle, the former chairman of the ways and means committee was charged with a plethora of ethics violations, confirming yet again that the phrase “honest politician” is just as oxymoronic as “Non-stripper-abusing Wall Street CEO.” And while we will


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