Stockholm Techies Use Water To Charge Mobile Phones

A Swedish company headquartered in Stockholm has figured out how to power smartphones using a system that includes some water, a tray, a little round container, and an eyeglass case styled cover.

The company, myFC, is introducing its PowerTrekk system to Americans at the CES show in Vegas. PowerTrekk describes its charger as a pocket size, lightweight gizmo for users who spend time away from the electricity grid. Translation: If you are hik


Samsung Galaxy Note starts the tablet/smartphone hybrid race

Those of us at CES know have seen a million gadgets and gizmos in the last few hours.

Weve seen cool booths, inventive advertisements, and enough touchscreens to make our fingers bleed. There are many standouts at the show, one of which being the Samsung Galaxy Note.


Strong Apple contingent expected at CES

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Apple Inc, famous for giving CES the cold shoulder year after year, will field a larger presence at the world’s largest trade show than many observers imagine.More than 250 employees


CES 2012, as seen by engineers who went to the dark side

Many at CES 2012 will be looking at gadgets, oohing and aahing.

A few, though, are there simply to see what patents might have been broken. This is their story. Read this post by Chris Matyszczyk on CES 2012.


Nikon D4 hands-on and manufacturer sample images (video)

With the onslaught of CES launches still several days away, the big news today is the D4, Nikon’s brand new full-frame digital SLR camera.



LG’s 84″ 3D “Ultra-Definition” TV Boasts 3,840 x 2,160 Resolution

Say hello to the TV you’ll go to bed dreaming about.

This is more than just a platter of pixels; this is what technology lust is made of. LG has just announced plans to formally unveil the largest 3D Ultra Definition TV at CES 2012. It’s an 84