MPAA Publicly Attacks Politicians For Not Staying Bought, Early Rumblings Of Hollywood Boycott

The MPAA is blatantly and publicly attacking the politicians theyve bought for not staying bought.

We know this because MPAA head Chris Dodd went to Fox News in order to publicly threaten the politicians hes been paying off.


Sen Chris Dodd says very few lawmakers know when to get out

Precious few politicians know when to leave the world of politics, according to retiring Sen.

Chris Dodd (D-Conn.). We all know when to get into this business, or you wouldnt be here if you didnt, Dodd said in an interview with The Hill in his office.I think very few know when to get out. Like cancer, they mutate only fed by power and greed.


Dodd Bill Covertly Eliminates Fed Audit Legislation

Once again we get confirmation that Chris Dodd is nothing but a paid manservant for his Federal Reserve masters, in addition to being a lame duck, whose last days in office are meant to do everything to allow the old-school Wall Street ways of endless secrecy and Fed bailouts to continue in perpetuity.

As Ryan Grimpoints out “Alan Grayson and co-