Pictures: Ski Resorts That Give Green Energy a Lift

Ski resorts around the world, keenly aware of the climate change threat, are seeking greener ways to power their slopes.



EcoAlert: New Space Tech Monitoring Earth’s Climate Change

“These long-term data records are critical in monitoring how the Earth’s surface is changing – either from human activity or through climate change.”


Fox News successfully creates climate confusion, but only among conservatives

Researchers have combined an analysis of cable news coverage, which shows that Fox presents a view of climate change that’s inconsistent with reality, and a survey of viewers, which shows that seeing this misinformation had an effect”but only within Fox’s core audience.


Life of British Mayfly Halved by Climate Change

New research suggests that mayflies in a UK trout river are getting through their lifecycle in double-quick time in response to warming temperatures.


Americans Don’t Care About Climate Change”And That’s OK

The deniers may be winning the battle for Americans hearts and minds, but theyve lost the true war.


Turning the human body into an instrument for noise music (no gross jokes please)

In an effort to counteract that large, gaping, foreboding hole in our ozone and the seeming inevitability of death by Climate Change, sustainability has become the movement du jour, encouraging us to change our daily habits by recycling, monitoring energy use and consumption, and switching to more green modes of living


3 Ways to Keep Up with the Planetary Shift

Many people sense a planetary shift is going on.

There is global economic instability, climate change, increased solar activity, unusual magnetic field changes and more frequent occurrences of both extreme weather and geological events.


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