The fake Steve Jobs conversation with Steve Wozniak

Last week, in the course of reporting articles for Newsweek on the death of Steve Jobs, Dan Lyons spent two hours on the phone with Steve Wozniak, Apples co-founder.


Dear Google: You Cant Threaten People Into Being Social

In a memo to Google staff, new CEO and co-founder Larry Page says employee bonuses are effectively on the line if the company’s efforts to add more social features don’t succeed.

But the Google co-founder may find that you can’t threaten people into being social.


Why Sun Microsystems Didn’t Buy Apple Back in 1995, According to the CEO [VID]

A unique opportunity to hear Scott McNealy, co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, in a candid conversation about why they didn’t buy Apple back in 1995.

If they did buy it, “there wouldn’t be iPods or iPads.. I would’ve screwed that up.”


The Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book Has Arrived

The biographical comic portraying the life of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg hits the shelves today.