Church of God Sues Sony Pictures and Comcast for Copyright Infringement

The religious comedy Salvation Boulevard premiered in movie theaters last Friday, but not everyone appreciates the films humor.

The Church of God has sued Sony Pictures, IFC Films and Comcast for infringing the copyright of the churchs logo, and is praying to stop the films distribution. In addition the church demands financial compensation for the substantial and irreparable harm the infringements have caused.



Major ISPs agree to “six strikes” copyright enforcement plan

American ISPs, including AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast, agreed today on a new scheme to help copyright owners crack down on infringement.

Get ready for “copyright alerts.”


Comcast Is Bringing Skype to TV

Soon you might be heading to the television to take a call instead of the phone.


Was Comcast Behind Keith Olbermann’s Exit from MSNBC?

Correlation isn’t causation, as they say in the sciences.

But it’s hard to ignore the near simultane


Interactive TV is rolling out and could eclipse e-commerce sales

Comcast says Interactive TV advertising now reaches 10-million U.S. homes, the impact could be huge on e-commerce and traditional commercials.