4 ‘Geek Humor’ Books by Authors Who Understand Neither

Comedy that panders to one specific audience never works.

It’s why most people mistake the jokes on Sex and the City for videos of livestock giving bi…



‘Wedding Crashers’ Copycat Crime Lands College Student in Jail

Let this be a lesson to all ‘Wedding Crashers’ fans: Just because Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn pull some hilarious pranks without legal consequence in their 2005 comedy does not mean that said hilarious pranks can be pulled without consequence.


Church of God Sues Sony Pictures and Comcast for Copyright Infringement

The religious comedy Salvation Boulevard premiered in movie theaters last Friday, but not everyone appreciates the films humor.

The Church of God has sued Sony Pictures, IFC Films and Comcast for infringing the copyright of the churchs logo, and is praying to stop the films distribution. In addition the church demands financial compensation for the substantial and irreparable harm the infringements have caused.


Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Kane & Lynch to become playable. Seriously, here’s the first screenshot (Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days)

Yeah, this is a thing that is happening.

As part of the upcoming DLC push for their rather delightful downloadable Tomb Raider Game, Crystal Dynamics are soon to release two downloadable character packs, and one of them is set to comprise of everyone’s favourite sociopathic heist-merchants. While it’s obviously a (hopefully) last, desperate attempt on behalf of publisher Eidos to make people care about Kane and Lynch, this does bode mass comedy p