Pug Hates iPhone: Cute/Ridiculous Animal Thing Of The Day (VIDEO)

Coco the pug may not have a ton of opinions in the world, but if there’s one thing she simply will not stand for, it’s iPhone commercials.



Obama Fried Chicken Is Chinas Newest Fast Food Craze

It is already bizarre enough (and probably some sort of copyright infringement, but that depends on what copyright laws in communist China are like) that this independent company decided the President of the United States would be their best spokesman, but it appears they arent alone in thinking Obama = infinite chicken profits.

The actual KFC has used the President in Chinese commercials, too.


10 Commercials That Sells Sex Instead of Their Product (VIDEO)

Ohk, so its a fact, sex sells.

But how far does a company have to go to sell their product? What happen to telling us about the product itself, what it does and how it would beneficial to us? Well I guess that don’t work, so here buy thing and you can have sex! LOL


As Groupon Defends Its Super Bowl Ad, HomeAway Apologizes

We dont know which has been more entertaining – watching how venture-backed companies spent their multimillion dollar Super Bowl ad budgets, or how they responded to the controversy created by their commercials.


Classic 1980²s McDonalds Commercials

Feeling hungry? These classic McDonalds commercials from the 80s remind us of a time when the food was fast, the burgers were cheesy and the commercials were¦ cheesier.

Good time, great taste¦ McDonalds?


Windows Phone 7: It’s Really Not That Simple

So, Microsoft, through a series of clever commercials, is telling the world that it is selling a smart phone that’s ‘designed to get you in and out and back to life.’ Really? This from the company that, at least in my mind, is known for selling some of the most bloated, hard-to-use, crash-happy software on the planet.

Windows Vista, anyone? Really.


Interactive TV is rolling out and could eclipse e-commerce sales

Comcast says Interactive TV advertising now reaches 10-million U.S. homes, the impact could be huge on e-commerce and traditional commercials.