JPL computers hacked repeatedly in 2010 and 2011

Hacker attacks have repeatedly penetrated NASA computers in the past, stealing user information from dozens of employees and gaining control over key networks at Pasadenas Jet Propulsion Laboratory, according to a federal report.

In written comments submitted to Congress this week, NASA inspector general Paul K.

Martin noted that between in 2010 and 2011 the agency reported 5,408 computer security breaches, resulting in the spread of destruct


Copyright enforcement and the Internet: We just haven’t tried hard enough?

Is effective Internet copyright enforcement even possible? “We won’t know,” writes blogger Kevin Drum, “until we try.” But Congress has been “trying” for two decades, with ever-larger costs to consumers and taxpayers….


Congress OKs Medical Marijuana Everywhere With DC Rules: Attorney

If one prominent attorney is right about the legal ramifications of the District of Columbia’s marijuana law — specifically, that it was approved by the U.S.

Congress — then it could be a game-changer nationwide.


The Truly Dismal State of the Union

With the president delivering his State of the Union speech to Congress Tuesday night, lets pause take a hard look at the real state of America, by the numbers, using only cold, hard facts.


Internet Rejoices: SOPA Is at Death’s Door

The hated anti-piracy bill may end up in the dustbin, but other threats to a free and open Internet remain live in Congress.


SOPA is the end of us, say bloggers

The conservative and liberal blogospheres are unifying behind opposition to Congresss Stop Online Piracy Act, with right-leaning bloggers aruging their very existence could be wiped out if the anti-piracy bill passes.

If either the U.S.

Senates Protect IP Act (PIPA) & the U.S. Houses Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) become law, political blogs such as Red Mass Group [conservative] & Blue Mass Group [liberal] will cease to exist, wr


U.S. Calls Out China and Russia for Cyber Espionage Costing Billions

Hey, China and Russia, get off of our clouds.

That’s the warning from a new U.S. national intelligence director’s report to Congress released Thursday that states China and Russia are the biggest perpetrators of economic espionage through the Internet.


The basic functions of government

The GOPs hyper-partisan turn after Barack Obamas victory in 2008 meant 112th Congress was destined to test the limits of dysfunctional governance.

But it also happened to coincide with a moment in history when the country needed the government to do better than the bare minimum. Instead, its done less. And thats shaken people whove spent their careers steering the ship of state.

I do believe that we are now in uncharted wat


Congress’ dysfunction long in the making

How did it get this bad on Capitol Hill?


FBI: If We Told You . . .You Might Sue (II)

Yesterday, we posted a troubling explanation from the FBI of why it doesnt want you to know whether your phone and internet providers are cooperating in the most expansive surveillance program that Congress has ever enacted: You might sue.


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