Copyright enforcement and the Internet: We just haven’t tried hard enough?

Is effective Internet copyright enforcement even possible? “We won’t know,” writes blogger Kevin Drum, “until we try.” But Congress has been “trying” for two decades, with ever-larger costs to consumers and taxpayers….


ShopSavvy lets users scan products to sell

ShopSavvy, a mobile app known for arming shoppers with the ability to scan products to find the best prices, is now giving consumers the ability to scan products they own so they can quickly put them up for sale.


Meganomics: The Future of Follow-the-Money Copyright Enforcement

As last week’s arrest of Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom emphasized, the main character in the SOPA/PIPA debate is the foreign ‘thief’.

Hes everywhere”robbing Americans of their creativity, jobs, and money. Worse, hes enjoying himself. As the Chamber of Commerce put it: The criminals behind these sites are laughing all the way to the bank, stealing the best of American creativity and innovation at the expense of our jobs and consumers.


Dell plots late-2012 consumer tablet launch

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Dell Inc intends to launch its first consumer tablet computer in late 2012, marking its entry into a hotly contested and increasingly crowded arena that has already claimed arch-foe Hewlett Packard.

The once-dominant corporation founded by Michael Dell has seen a growing crop of tablets and smartphones entice consumers away from PCs. But Dell learned from the hastiness of some of its peers and understands better now how cons


Skype is killing long distance, one minute at a time

Skype is killing long-distance phone calls, minutes at a time.

In fact, the growing popularity of the service has seen it steal minutes away from the phone companies. And for consumers that is good news. What’s more, the idea of free voice is only gaining traction.


10 Tips to Avoid Cyber Monday Scams

90% of consumers will shop online on Cyber Monday.

Here’s how to keep your personal information secured.


6 Content Warnings We’d Actually Pay Attention To

For many years, television content ratings have tried to help consumers make informed decisions.

It hasn’t really worked. For one thing, …


Americans not spooked by the economy for Halloween

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A stalled economy hasn’t spooked Americans out of enjoying Halloween.

Nearly three-quarters of U.S. consumers plan to celebrate, but will spend less this year on costumes and candy.


Rdio Offers Free Music Streaming Service

Ah, you gotta love some healthy industry competition; consumers always win.

Todays win is brought to you by online music service Rdio, which now offers free Web streaming. The music streaming market has plenty of players, and with the recent arrival of Spotify to the U.S., it makes sense for Rdio to elbow for more room by rolling out…


Apples Rumored Virtual Assistant Could Outshine The New iPhone

Buzz surrounding Apple’s Tuesday event has never been higher, as consumers eagerly await the announcement of the next generation iPhone.

But the new


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