Turning the human body into an instrument for noise music (no gross jokes please)

In an effort to counteract that large, gaping, foreboding hole in our ozone and the seeming inevitability of death by Climate Change, sustainability has become the movement du jour, encouraging us to change our daily habits by recycling, monitoring energy use and consumption, and switching to more green modes of living


Smartphone data usage jumps 89% in the U.S., Android users still biggest gluttons

The Nielsen Company on Friday released its latest findings regarding smartphone data usage and as expected, data consumption continued to increase at an explosive pace in the first quarter of 2011.


Local News Consumption Goes Mobile (Graphic)

The dramatic increase in the number of Americans with Internet-ready mobile devices is pushing the way we consume our local news.

Rather than picking up a newspaper or even going to our computers, we’re quickly moving towards a handheld-device delivery process for learning what is happening in the world around us. Column Five asks, “Could the iPad Be the New Sunday Press?”