Strauss-Kahn Assembles Crisis Team to Fight Back

Faced with a legal and media onslaught, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is pulling together a crack team of investigators, former spies and media advisers to fight back against charges he sexually assaulted a hotel chambermaid.



Airport Body Scan Porn, Hot XXX Sexy Pics, Click Here! (PICS) SFW

With their amorphous outlines of junk, long butt-crack lines, hazy silhouettes of breasts and … wait, sorry, I lost my train of thought thinking about butt-crack lines. in honor of the just announced “National Opt Out Day” let’s take a look at just how explicit these images supposedly are.


Password Crack Could Affect Millions

A well-known cryptographic attack could be used by hackers to log into Web applications used by millions of users, according to two security experts who plan to discuss the issue at an upcoming security conference.