Kids Alphabet with Star Wars Theme

One of our favorite new phenomenons during the past couple of years has been the creativity of people out there who like to make oddball alphabet graphics.


Advertisements in a box

9/10 for creativity. Speaking of “ how on earth did that douchebag get the site taken down by filing a complaint?


10 of the Most Stunning Innovations in Video Games

For anything to survive there must be innovation.

As one wise guy said, Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. And fortunately that is what the video games industry is doing at the moment. This has resulted in to higher quality games with superior game play mechanics.


Robber Disguises You Have to See to Believe: Stupid or Genius?

What has happened to all the great criminal masterminds? Nowadays, the profession is made up of idiots with double digit IQs and no common sense.

However, one thing you do have to give these robbers credit for is their creativity when it comes to their choices of disguise.


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