Tweets Are Way Too Long, Actually!

When Twitter came along, with its 140-character maximum rule, everyone thought this was the height of absurdity, forcing the masses to cram their thoughts into bite sized morsels for the attention-deficit crowd.


Photos: At Occupy Oakland, a Night of Protests and Tear Gas

Police in riot gear fired tear gas into the crowd at least five times in an effort to clear the plaza in front of Oakland City Hall.


Live Video: Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

After allowing marchers from the Occupy Wall Street protests to claim the Brooklyn-bound car lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge and get partway across, the police cut the marchers off and plunged into the crowd and began making arrests.


Tech Can Identify Faces (and Social Security Numbers) in a Crowd

A new study from Carnegie Mellon can cross reference a person’s face with currently available photos on the Web and find information, including their interests — and in some cases their social security numbers.


PSA: A New, Nameless Hot Paraguay Soccer Fan Has Burst Onto the Scene

Larissa Riquelm, who recently pledged to run naked if her country won this year’s Copa America, now officially has some competition as the hottest and, um, ‘biggest’, Paraguayan soccer fan in the world.

During Saturday’s match against Brazil (which ended in a 2-2 draw), this busty bombshell was spotted in the crowd, showing humongous support for Paraguay’s National Team.


This is What It Looks Like Before You Get Gored By an Angry Rodeo Bull

Here’s a candid video, first-person video of an angry rodeo bull jumping into the crowd at rodeo fundraiser in Williamston, North Carolina.


New York City Announces World’s First Same-Sex Cat Marriage

Forget that royal wedding in the spring—who wants to go to Buckingham Palace to stand in a crushing crowd anyway, just for a fleeting glimpse of the prince and his bride? The real wedding of the year is much closer to home, with no elite monarchy to dignify the scene.

And it’s an event where tuxedo cats may be the best-dressed guests!


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