Apple Next Gen iPad Event a Week Away

Barcelona is at the top of the news circles now.

There is so much to tell about Mobile World Congress. But it will fade away soon and San Francisco will take the place. The Cupertino giant has scheduled an event in San Francisco next week and is expected to unwrap the next generation iPad.


Apple iPhone 5 ‘coming in March’ – and WILL have four-inch screen as sources report mass orders of larger touchscreens

Japanese fan site Macotakara reports Sony and Hitachi are making four-inch screens for the new phone – and have already shipped early prototypes to Apple’s Cupertino HQ – hinting at a release as early as March.


Apple’s Steve Jobs Unveils Futuristic New Headquarters Design (Photo)

He tells the tech giant’s hometown of Cupertino that the new building, which looks like a spaceship, could open in 2015 and become “the best office building in the world.”


Lodsys vs. Apple Devs: EFF helps us dig deeper

The developers targeted by Lodsys’s patent infringement accusations last week have been in a sleepless holding pattern, awaiting response from Apple before making their next moves.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) staff attorney Julie Samuels says that Apple legal is likely hard at work reviewing the patent in question, however, and should be in touch soon. Though it’s very unlikely that Cupertino won’t offer assistance, devs will also be abl


Why Apples iPhone Will ‘Drown in a Sea of Androids’

By locking down its mobile platform, Cupertino is repeating the mistake that led to the marginalization of the Mac.