Congresswoman: mistakenly seized sites should sue the government


Zoe Lofgren stated that websites which were mistakenly seized by ICE and tarnished by child porn-related accusations should sue the government for defamation. She questioned the IP Czar about “due process,” the First Amendment and even scoffed at “chicken poo” reports.



Anonymous cowards buy the US mid-term elections

Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of right wing attack ads have been aired in this US mid-term election season, but for the most part, no one knows who is paying for these ads, as the payments are laundered through shadowy political organizations that are late (or negligent) in complying with disclosure rules.

Dan Gillmor has a proposal:

If I could be media czar for a day, I’d get every newspaper behind this project:

* The first s


BP claims czar: Not everyone will get paid

The new head of the Gulf Coast disaster’s claims fund says his first two priorities will be to cut bigger checks and send them out faster to the oil spill’s economic victims.