Sirota: Democracy or autocracy

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that in this 10th month of the first year of His Majesty King John Hickenlooper’s reign, the sovereign governor of the Kingdom of Colorado handed down an edict closing the grounds of the Capitol palace to the public and ordering his praetorian guard to arrest the peaceful Occupy Denver protestors assembled at the castle gates.


Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in Revolutions

Few Americans have heard of Mr.

Sharp. But for decades, his practical writings on nonviolent revolution ” most notably From Dictatorship to Democracy, a 93-page guide to toppling autocrats, available for download in 24 languages ” have inspired dissidents around the world, including in Burma, Bosnia, Estonia and Zimbabwe, and now Tunisia and Egypt.


Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts

Internet providers were shut down and Facebook accounts deleted across Algeria
on Saturday as thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were arrested in
violent street demonstrations.