HOLY COW! In Scott Walker recall, Wisconsin Dems tout ONE MILLION RECALL SIGNATURES – MJ Lee

HOLY COW! Wisconsin Democrats just turned in a historic and shocking 1,000,000 signatures to recall Scott Walker! Wisconsin has wildly smashed all expectations! The 1 million signatures will ensure that a recall election will take place later this year.


Caved again? Two-month payroll tax cut in exchange for quick pipeline decision

Lawmakers on Friday agreed to extend a payroll tax cut for two months after Democrats bowed to Republican demands to expedite approval of a controversial oil pipeline.

The deal, which still would have to be approved by the full Senate and House of Representatives, fell far short of President Barack Obamas push for a one-year extension of the tax relief and long-term unemployed benefits to boost the countrys fragile economic recovery.


FreakOutNation Karl Rove Gives a Gift to Dems: Believes Sarah Palin Will Run for President

On Fox News this morning Karl Rove, a long-time critic of Sarah Palins, as if presenting a gift to Democrats, stated that he believes the half-term Governor of Alaska will enter the Republican Presidential race around Labor Day.


Poll: 71% shun GOP handling of debt crisis

Americans tell CBS News they’re unimpressed with how Obama and Democrats are handling talks, but GOP fares worst Read more by Tucker Reals on CBS News’ Political Hotsheet.



Speaker John Boehner will call on Congress to offset a debt ceiling hike with spending cuts of a greater amount, an ambitious proposal that puts House Republicans on a collision course with Democrats who want much more modest spending restrictions attached to the vote.

Without significant spending cuts and reforms to reduce our debt, there will be no debt limit increase, Boehner plans to tell the Economic Club of New York here this evening,


No Wis. union vote as Democrats leave state

Police officers were dispatched to find Wisconsin state lawmakers who boycotted a vote on a sweeping bill that would strip most government workers of their collective bargaining rights.


Arizona junk shop artist hates Muslims, Democrats

From Studies in Crap: Just like the way Jurassic Park scientists understand the daily life of dinosaurs by digging through their excrement, we today might be able to understands Arizonans by going through their crap shops.

Here’s two crazy, angry paintings from Kingman, AZ, artist “A. Brady” that confirm the suspicion that at least some Arizonans are angry, racist, troubled souls. (Much of AZ is awesome, of course!)


A Brilliant Tax Proposal To Save Democrats: The Anchor Clause

The Anchor Clause is this: let the Bush Tax Cuts expire, then commit the Democrats to a bill that would retroactively refund the higher tax rates for incomes under $250k to January 1st. Every week, people’s promised refund will grow, as will their resentment against the Republicans who are holding their tax cuts hostage for the rich.


Young Voters Are Totally Bored

Democrats are hitting a wall when it comes to getting young voters excited about the midterm elections.


President Obama ‘Recovery Summer’ Stimulus Projects Fail to

President Obama dubbed this “Recovery Summer,” heralding thousands of stimulus projects creating jobs across the country. But with summer quickly coming to an end, those job gains and a robust economic recovery have not yet materialized, leaving Democrats on the verge of a fall election campaign in which Republicans are poised to make th


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