My News: Now with 180% Percent more News (Tastes Better Too!)

Starting today, weve begun rolling out a new version of My News to all users.

As you likely know, My News is the first page of Digg for new users and the default landing page for all logged-in users.

More importantly, it allows readers to curate the news from people they follow on Digg with similar interests.


Digg Social Reader: Now with Diggs, Submits and Comments

Now with Diggs, Submits and Comments
Starting today, we will begin rolling out a series of new actions for Digg Social Reader that you can add on your Facebook Timeline and your friends Ticker.


Digg Newsroom Beta May Just Be Enough To Regain Relevance

Over the last year since the launch of version 4, Digg has faced challenges in regaining its relevance in social media.

Traffic is down. Users are less active. It has seemed at times as if Digg may go the way of MySpace, Propeller, and Yahoo Buzz “ social sites that were once big news but failed to adapt to a changing social sphere. Today, they launched Digg Newsrooms in limited beta. If its as successful as they hope, it could mark the shif


7 Formerly Popular Sites that Are Dying : Discovery News

Indications are that Slashdot, Blogger, Digg and other sites are on their way out.


Batman Pug Theme Song

Truly one of the greatest Digg submissions to date.


4 Ways I Compose Posts to Drive Millions of Pageviews to Blogs Through Digg

A Guest Post by Neal Rodriguez.

With the release of the new Digg on August 25th, anybody with the ability to understand how a story, which is promoted to the popular section, is composed, has an edge in attaining viral exposure ranging from tens of thousands to millions of pageviews. Diggs users constitute a large proportion of bloggers. Thus stories promoted to their popular section, which was previously their homepage and now the Top News page,


Reddit, Digg Rivalry Heats Up With #DiggRevolt

The brand new Digg is under fire on its first ever Monday from both its most loyal users and the competition at Reddit.

Launched last Wednesday, Digg power users have launched a Digg Revolt today, some calling it “Quit Digg Day,” and the Reddit community has embraced the feud.

Reddit links have been dominating the Top News feed throughout this morning.

At one time, six of the top seven stories were from Reddit.

On top of that, Digg’s


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