Japan launches spy satellite – Telegraph

Japan has launched an intelligence satellite to monitor North Korea’s military
movements and survey wide-spread disaster, such as tsunamis, when needed.


5 Fun Sounding Techniques for Measuring Horrible Things

From the Big Mac Index to radioactive bananas, people have come up with some strange ways to assess just how bad things get when disaster strikes.


5 Reasons Internet Access in America Is a Disaster

There are big chunks of the USA where, if you moved there right now, you can’t get broadband internet access at all, no matter who you offered to blow for it.

So for all of you out there who are having to pause periodically so more words will load, let’s run down all of the ways that internet access in the USA is shit.


Wireless carriers delay paying Japan’s text-to-give donations

Guess what? It can take up to 90 days for your text-to-give payment to reach the organizations serving Japan.

Tens of thousands have signed a petition to speed payments and Senator Boxer has urged carriers to use the same payment policy as the Haiti disaster … immediate.


Disaster In Japan Through 12 Incredible Videos

Retelling the story of the earthquake, the subsequent tsunami, and the aftermath of both disasters through an assortment of on-the-ground videos in Japan.


Technological meltdown “ is it inevitable?

Throughout history there have been plenty of scare stories about some Armageddon type disaster befalling the earth and affecting us all, however, so far weve been all right havent we? This latest perceived threat though is somehow more terrifying than all the others.

Why? Because it is so very real!


20 Small Changes That Would Turn Great Ideas Into Disasters

In early drafts of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker was known as ‘Luke Starkiller.’ Yeah, it kind of gives you a different mental picture of the man.

But it turns out, many of the staples of our culture were one minor change away from ridiculous disaster.


The 7 Best Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos

Today’s Thanksgiving, and a whole bunch of people are going to just toss a frozen turkey willy-nilly into a deep fryer, film the exploding fireball that results, and post it on YouTube. (For which we, of course, are very thankful.)

http://gawker.com/5699457/the-7-best-deep fried-turkey-disaster-videos?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed: gizmodo/full (Gizmodo)&utm_content=Google Reader

A High-Risk Egg Race To Save The Sea Turtles

Each year, thousands of baby sea turtles scramble from their nests in the Florida Panhandle’s sandy beaches and Alabama coasts into the water.

As the oil spill coats Gulf Coast beaches, rescuers are hatching a daring plan to save as many as 70,000 sea turtle eggs from the disaster.


BP claims czar: Not everyone will get paid

The new head of the Gulf Coast disaster’s claims fund says his first two priorities will be to cut bigger checks and send them out faster to the oil spill’s economic victims.


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