Dead bodies stored in cupboards on the Tube – Telegraph

The bodies of people who commit suicide on the London Underground network are
often stored in cleaning cupboards and store rooms until an undertaker can
collect them, a new documentary has revealed.


A documentary about addiction to technology that could save us

Connected, currently in limited theatrical release, is about the evolution of human communication and how it has changed our lives for better or worse.

It is also about Shlain coping with her father’s brain cancer. It is about a lot of things.


‘Born to be Wild’: IMAX documentary about saving orphaned elephants and orangutans

The story behind the emotional new documentary from Warner Bros.


Sex, Drugs and the Cold War

Using a number of old documentaries this 2006 film looks at how sixties youth counter-culture clashed with older people’s values of ‘moral decency’……

Many of the clips are quite humorous in their sixties Cold War outlook, especially Sam Hardon (“History Professor, This University”) whose paranoid views that “sixties radicals are controlled by communists”…….
The documentary then looks at “sixties radicals” talking about setting up coffee h


The Tillman Story: 6 ‘Shocking’ Documentary Takeaways

A newly released documentary reopens the case of Pat Tillman, the football star who left behind a lucrative NFL career after the 9/11 attacks to join the Army.

The one-time Cardinal safety was killed in Afghanistan in an April 2004 incident that was initially represented by the Pentagon as an enemy ambush, but later revealed to be a friendly fire.