WATCH: Dear Gitmo, Happy Tenth Anniversary [Fiore Cartoon]

Mark Fiore is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist and animator whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Examiner, and dozens of other publications.

He is an active member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists, and has a website featuring his work.


20 Ridiculously Nifty Zombie Safe House Designs

Remember last year’s Zombie Safe House Competition ? For 2011, the contest’s popularity absolutely exploded, and competition holders Architects Southwest received dozens of zany anti-undead fortresses, ranging from silos to stilted houses to the Eiffel Tower to the Acropolis.


Violence Erupts in Rome as Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world marched on dozens of cities on Saturday, joining the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations against greed, inequality and everything else that’s screwed up right now.


WikiLeaks: Guantanamo Bay terrorist secrets revealed

Guantanamo Bay has been used to incarcerate dozens of terrorists who have admitted plotting terrifying attacks against the West; while imprisoning more than 150 totally innocent people, top-secret files disclose.

Al-Qaeda terrorists have threatened to unleash a nuclear hellstorm on the West if Osama Bin Laden is caught or assassinated, according to documents to be released by the WikiLeaks website, which contain details the interrogations o


Infographic: Why Is Your Car Insurance So High?

Car insurance rates are determined with a host of factors in mind.

Objective items like a motorist’s age and driving record are the most-weighted factors insurers consider, but those items among a couple of dozens of things used to figure out what your premiums will be. Included in the graphic are stats like 2010’s most-expensive car to insure, the Porsche 911 GT2, and the least, the Mazda Tribute.


Scientists Make Dozens of Storms in the Abu Dhabi Desert

A Swiss company, Meteo Systems, is poised to earn a pretty penny in Abu Dhabi with a controversial weather modification system said to be responsible for dozens of rain showers in the desert last summer.


Colombia’s Katrina? Dozens Dead

Thousands of homes destroyed and vast tracts of farmland under water.


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