What Would You Do With Your Last Year on Earth?

Weve written a lot about the buzz over this years milestone in the Maya calendar (hint: dont believe the hype).

Weve also shared an ultimate adventure bucket list for 2012. So when a friend showed me this infographic based on a recent survey, it caught my attention.


The 6 Places on Earth That Most Resemble Other Planets

Space researchers uses deserts, valleys, and freezing lakes to test equipment and simulate procedures on space missions.

Here’s where they put future exploration to the test – without leaving our planet


Asus Warranty Doesn’t Cover Damages In Case of Alien Invasion

If you have an Asus computer and aliens invade Earth, you are screwed.

Their warranty doesn’t cover “space invasions.” Incidentally, space invasion comes before “abuse, neglect, in or use under abnormal conditions.”


This Is What Nuking an Earth-Killing Asteroid Looks Like

You might think Armageddon was just a lot of Bruce Willis sobbing and Aerosmith-fueled sex, but there was actually some truth in there! If an enormous space rock ever heads our way, we’re already planning on nuking it to hell.

http://gizmodo.com/5883996/this-is-what-nuking-an-earth killing-asteroid-looks-like

Re-thinking an alien world

Forty light years from Earth, a rocky world named ’55 Cancri e’ circles perilously close to a stellar inferno. Completing one orbit in only 18 hours, the alien planet is 26 times closer to its parent star than Mercury is to the Sun.

If Earth were in the same position, the soil beneath our feet …


The Coolest Things on Earth

We all want to think we either know what’s cool, or we’re mega-cool ourselves.

But since it’s really hard to believe, we figured to compile a list ,


EcoAlert: New Space Tech Monitoring Earth’s Climate Change

“These long-term data records are critical in monitoring how the Earth’s surface is changing – either from human activity or through climate change.”


NASA Satellite Falls to Earth… But Where Did It Land? | NASA’s Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS) Spacecraft Re-entry | Space Junk & Orbital Debris | Space.com

NASA officials are still trying to pinpoint where and when the dead UARS spacecraft fell.

The Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite re-entered Earth’s atmosphere overnight.


NASA Video Shows Huge Sun Storm Grow to Engulf Earth

For the first time, scientists have watched the evolution of a huge solar storm, from its origin on the sun until its collision with Earth 93 million miles later.


9 reasons why Yuri Gagarin may be the most mantastic man ever

The mind still boggles, even now.

A man, in space. Who then came back to earth. Alive. Crazy, crazy stuff. So to celebrate Yuri and his uber mantasticity, here’s our favourite insane facts about the big man.


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