Americans see their economic cup as half empty, not half full, in 2012

Recent signs of growth in the US economy are no guarantee of a robust recovery.


Obama Says Americans Think The Stimulus Worked

President Barack Obama rejected the notion that a majority of Americans do not believe that his stimulus bill worked, saying in an occasionally tense interview with CBS’s Steve Kroft.
“Let me stop you there, Steve.

First of all, there’s not a general perception that the stimulus didn’t work,” he said, admitting, though, that “when it comes to the economy, we’ve got a lot more work to do.”
“You know, we did all the right things to prevent a Great


If you raise the price, they’ll still come

The way Americans are chomping Big Macs, lacing up pricey sneakers and gulping peppermint mochas in this economy, you’d think they’re taking advantage of big holiday discounts.


Nearly Half of Voters (Including Many Repubs) Believe the GOP Is Sabotaging the Economy So Obama Won’t Get Re-Elected

To one degree or another, the sabotage question has been generating some debate for about a year now.

It is, admittedly, a provocative subject: are Republicans trying to hurt the nations economy on purpose, simply to undermine the Obama presidency


Americans not spooked by the economy for Halloween

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A stalled economy hasn’t spooked Americans out of enjoying Halloween.

Nearly three-quarters of U.S. consumers plan to celebrate, but will spend less this year on costumes and candy.


Tea Party Nation urges businesses to stop hiring, just to sabotage the economy

Just when I think conservatives can’t surprise me any more, they surprise me with another jaw-dropper.

And, no, I’m not talking about the recent Republican debate.


Obama said if he were Weiner, he wouldn’t stick it out. He’d resign.

In an exclusive interview to air on TODAY Tuesday, President Barack Obama tells Ann Curry that Rep.

Anthony Weiners sexing scandal has embarrassed himself, his wife and family. He also discusses jobs, the economy and says the nations debt problem can be solved without big, radical change.


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