SOPA is the end of us, say bloggers

The conservative and liberal blogospheres are unifying behind opposition to Congresss Stop Online Piracy Act, with right-leaning bloggers aruging their very existence could be wiped out if the anti-piracy bill passes.

If either the U.S.

Senates Protect IP Act (PIPA) & the U.S. Houses Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) become law, political blogs such as Red Mass Group [conservative] & Blue Mass Group [liberal] will cease to exist, wr



Ten Protagonists That Make No Sense At All

Whether it be failed realism, sci-fi or fantasy, we see a tonne of strange characters show up in gaming.

Though their various eccentricities often seem to work in their favour within their various worlds and universes, we have to wonder whether they would be able to exist within the real world. For those who care to ponder such trivial matters, heres a run down of ten protagonists whos very existence makes no sense.


The complete idiots guide to: protecting American Atheists

A group of atheists have filed a lawsuit to prevent the inclusion of the historic Ground Zero Cross at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

We have learned from their lawsuit that they, have suffered, are suffering, and will continue to suffer damages, both physical and emotional, from the existence of the challenged cross. Atheists have reportedly endured cross-induced, dyspepsia [upset stomach], symptoms of depression, headaches, anxiety, and m


Was Israel the birthplace of modern humans?

Archaeologists have discovered evidence that places Homo sapiens in Israel as early as 400,000 years ago — the earliest evidence for the existence of modern humans anywhere in the world.

Source: sciencedaily (ScienceDaily: Latest Science News)

Pheromones a myth in mammals

Something just didn’t smell right to Richard Doty.

It was 1976 when the director of the Smell and Taste Center at Penn’s School of Medicine first started raising a stink about the existence of pheromones.


PlayStation Phone (Almost) Outted by Sony Exec

Now they’re just teasing us.

Earlier in the week we got some pretty solid visual verification about the existence of an Android-based PlayStation Phone. Now a Sony executive is all but admitting that such a device is in the works.


Foxhole Atheists: Time to Retire that Stereotype

It is about time that no atheists in foxholes vanishes as a cliche.

When people in the media and elsewhere use the stereotype, they are belittling the sacrifices non-theist soldiers make for all of us. By denying their existence, they are denying their service, and that is simply unacceptable.


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