My buddy was in the eye of this, I got a facebook update a minute back ‘he lived’

My buddy was in the eye of this, I got a facebook update a minute back ‘he lived’


When Facebook Defriending Ends in Murder

Reuters reports that a Tennessee couple who “defended” Jenelle Potter on Facebook were murdered by her father and another man. “This is just senseless,” said Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece told Reuters. “We’ve had murders, but nothing like this.” Jenelle Potter, 30, is one of those types who you just don’t mess with.

She is a Facebook fanatic who stays home with her parents and is constantly on Facebook.


Teacher’s Facebook drinking posts

A teacher is reprimanded after comments about drinking and parties appeared on her Facebook site and were viewed by pupils.


Captured: Accused Rapist Who Taunted Police On Facebook

Remember Dustin McCombs, the rapist suspect who taunted the police in Facebook? Not surprisingly, he was captured by U.S.

Marshals in Ohio after their colleagues from the Gulf Coast Regional Task in Birmingham gave them a tip about his whereabouts, presumably using internet address location information.


Facebook gains on Google with 30% increase in unique U.S. visitors in 2 years

New evidence suggests that Facebook is inching closer and closer to overthrowing Google as the most-visited web brand in the U.S.


4chan’s Chris Poole: Facebook & Google Are Doing It Wrong

Chris Poole delivered the most powerful 10 minutes of Web philosophy of the afternoon at Web 2.0.

The man formerly known as moot – founder of anonymous image sharing den 4chan and its new, better-lit cousin, Canvas, gave us a rousing and principled picture of what the big players get wrong about online identity. “Google and Facebook would have you believe that you’re a mirror,” he said, “but in fact, we’re more like diamonds.” – multi-faceted. It


Over 52% Moms Use Their Smartphone Within 5 Minutes Of Waking Up – Infographic

We are pretty sure most of them check their Facebook!


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