Samsung Galaxy Note starts the tablet/smartphone hybrid race

Those of us at CES know have seen a million gadgets and gizmos in the last few hours.

Weve seen cool booths, inventive advertisements, and enough touchscreens to make our fingers bleed. There are many standouts at the show, one of which being the Samsung Galaxy Note.


Adobe preps Photoshop Touch, more for iPad and Android (w/Pics)

Adobe started off its MAX conference with six new creative apps all focused around the iPad and Android tablets.

Its flagship, Photoshop Touch, is intended more to replicate professional image editing with support for layers and other “core” editing tools. It acknowledges the limitations of fingers and pens, and carries a unique scribble select feature to extract objects as well as the desktop app’s Refine Edge option to get very minute selection


Chinese Girl plays a stunning piano solo with no fingers on one hand (video)

This video shows a young Chinese girl playing “Souvenir D’enfance” by Richard Clayderman on the piano for a television show.

The extraordinary thing is that she plays the entire song, beautifully, we might add, despite a pretty significant disadvantage–the girl’s right hand is missing all of its fingers. She has only been playing the piano for three years, which is even more astounding.


How Southwest-AirTran Merger Will Change Air Travel

Is it good for customers? Keep your fingers crossed?