GOP Sen Lugar claims America can Afford to Police the World “ FreakOutNation

This morning on CNN, one of the Republican Partys ideologues on foreign policy Sen.

Dick Lugar, stated that the country cant afford Ron Pauls foreign police views.



Herman Cain Suspends His Presidential Campaign

The Republican businessman announces a “Plan B” to promote his tax and foreign policy plans.


Herman Cain Blames Obama For Bushs Iraq Withdrawal Deadline

The same day that news broke that ” likey because of Iraqs refusal to grant immunity to American forces and contractors ” the U.S. scrapped plans to keep any troops in Iraq beyond the end of the year, Herman Cain once again put his foreign policy ignorance on full display.


Ron Paul & Lew Rockwell Our Foreign Policy Is A Dictatorship

August 10, 2010 News Corp