Braun Wins Appeal on Positive Drug Test and Avoids Suspension

The Milwaukee Brewer slugger Ryan Braun becomes the first player known to successfully have a positive test result overturned and will not be suspended for 50 games.


A totally crazy rumor could turn the Star Wars universe upside-down!

The Robocop reboot finds a writer.

Man of Steel casts another version of Clark Kent. Check out new images from The Hunger Games and John Carter. Plus get the last word from the stars and director of Chronicle! Spoilers from here on out!

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Best List Of Android Apps And Games 2011

Best List Of Android Apps And Games 2011


New Study Finds Mobile Gaming Outpacing Consoles, PC

A survey of 15,000 respondents found that many are spending more time gaming on their mobile devices than they used to, and the time they invest is now rivaling that of console games.


Zynga: Is Farmville’s Maker the Next Hot IPO?

Zynga, the company behind hit Facebook games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, may tap investor demand for anything and everything related to social media.


Apple App Store, iPhone 4, Angry Birds earn Guinness World Records

Apple’s App Store, iPhone 4 and a few iOS games, have been awarded Guinness World Records including the iPhone 4 being named the fastest-selling portable gaming system.


How Good Are the iPad 2’s Graphics?

The iPad 2’s new processor makes it faster, but how does it impact how games look? We compare games side-by-side and find out.


Nintendo 3DS Hacked One Day After Japanese Launch

The Nintendo 3DS, which sold over 400,000 units during its initial launch in Japan, has already been hacked to play pirated games off an R4 card.

The video below shows off the Nintendo 3DS playing…

Source: Brings Tournaments to Facebook, one of the leading developers/publishers of casual online titles, has made a name for itself thanks to a unique tournament system for its games, as well as a model for monetizing these types of offerings.


Guy Tunnels into GameStop, Swipes $5K in Games, Gets Arrested

Most video game addicts would do just about anything to get their hands on a free copy of their favorite game.

But few would go as far as to pull off a bank robbery-style heist of their local retailer. Why? Because it’s illegal, it’s stupid, and, in the age of rampant online piracy, it’s not even slightly necessary.


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