GM’s First New Battery Electric Car: 2013 Chevrolet Spark EV To Launch In U.S.

GM had hoped to announce its latest green vehicle tomorrow morning, at a nice, orderly, staged press event to celebrate Chevrolet’s 100th birthday.

Too bad.


Video: GM Reverses Course, Gives ‘Chevy’ Back To America – The Car Connection

Remember a few months ago when word leaked out that Chevrolet was trying to put the kabosh on the word “Chevy”? It turned out that GM’s marketing team was trying to tidy up the brand, and wanted employees to use only the word “Chevrolet” in official communications.

The backlash from fans was huge…now its back in and being used in the ad campaign “Chevy Runs Deep”. So much for that tempest in a teapot.


GM CEO Whitacre says he’s stepping down Sept. 1

DETROIT General Motors Co.

CEO Ed Whitacre says he’s stepping down Sept. 1.

Whitacre says he will be replaced by GM board member Daniel Akerson, the managing director and head of global buyout of The Carlyle Group.