Google ‘fails EU privacy rules’

Google’s new privacy policy may violate the European Union’s data protection laws, according to the French data regulator.


Google is done with Clearwire, intends to sell off shares for a huge loss

More bad news for the struggling WiMAX wireless network Clearwire.

Google is preparing to sell off its entire stake in the company, according to SEC documents filed by the search giant today. Google originally purchased a 6.5 percent stake in Clearwire back in 2008 for a cool $500 million.


Hoo-ah: How the US Army Has Become a Social Media Leader

Over the past several years, the US Army has developed an exemplary program in exploiting numerous social media methods, and done so without a lot of flash, expense, or personnel.

They have an engaged audience, numerous followers, and maintained a multi-pronged campaign into all of the major social media networks, including recent beach-heads in Pinterest and Google+. All this, and with a five-person team based in the Pentagon and without spendin


Valentine’s Day and 5 other great Google doodle videos

The Valentine’s Day Google doodle animation is sure to melt anyone’s “Cold, Cold Heart.” But is it the best Google doodle video? Here are five of our past favorites.


How Google plans to avoid Facebooks games ghetto with Google+

“We’ve seen communities ruined by games,” said Google+ engineering director David Glazer to a room full of app developers.”How do we find that balance between people who are interested in games…


Security Researchers: ‘Did Google Pull a Fast One on Firefox and Safari Users?’

A new report from NSS Labs raises questions about Google’s Safe Browsing API and proprietary protections to block malicious downloads — malware protections allegedly not offered to Firefox and Safari browsers which also use Google’s Safe Browsing API.


Charles Dickens gets Google doodle – Telegraph

Charles Dickens, who was born on 7 February 1812, has his 200th anniversary
commemorated in a new Google doodle


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