Black Hat: Lethal Hack and wireless attack on insulin pumps to kill people

In a dramatic Black Hat presentation like some kind of insulin Al Qaeda, security researcher Jay Radcliffe explains how an attacker in the cyber world could launch a wireless hack up to a half mile away from a victim, to remotely control an insulin pump and potentially kill a person in the real world.



How To Cure HIV From Your Computer

Hack This is Motherboards weekly guide to doing technology better.In sum, distributed computing means sharing the computational workload of a project over many computers via the internet (though I suppose it would work within any sort of multi-CPU network).


Jailbreak PS3 with iPhone or iPod Touch

We previously posted an entire guide on how to Jailbreak the PlayStation 3 with an Android Phone and also that iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd confirmed that the hack would soon be coming to iPhones.

Well guess what, its here folks! The PSGroove / PSFreedom has been ported over to jailbroken iPhones but the interesting thing is that it is not by the same team which MuscleNerd talked about. Its actually by a hacker who goes by the name of


Douchebag Comedian Steals Patton Oswalt’s Jokes (Video)

Patton Oswalt responds to some hack named Nick Madson, who was stealing his and Louis CKs bits, then telling other comedians who called him on it that HE really wrote those bits.