Arrests target suspected ‘Anonymous’ hackers

Interpol announces 25 arrests in Spain and South America over cyber-attacks linked to hacker network.



Leaked Online Chats Expose Author of Largest Spam Botnet

Previous stories in my Pharma Wars series have identified top kingpins behind the some of the biggest spam botnets.

Todays post does that and more, including never-before-published information on Google, the lead hacker behind the worlds busiest spam botnet ” Cutwail.


Bradley Manning Faces the Hacker Who Turned Him In

Accused WikiLeaker Bradley Manning sat in the same room with the man who undid his life on Tuesday, when former hacker Adrian Lamo took the stand on the fifth day of Mannings pretrial hearing.


Hacker gains control of Microsoft’s YouTube channel

Microsoft’s official YouTube channel was hacked over the weekend, with the company’s dancing-dad promotional video replaced with an assortment of other clips.

Yesterday, four or five videos were …


iPhone hacked into spiPhone to eavesdrop and track what you type on nearby PC

When you go to work, do you normally set your mobile phone on your desk? What if a hacker tapped into your phone to eavesdrop and track what you were typing on the keyboard just inches away? Georgia Tech researchers hacked a smartphone and turned it into a snooping device that detects keyboard vibrations to determine what you are typing on a nearby computer.

An ‘innocent’ app laced with malware could turned the iPhone into a spy device dubbed the


Jailbreak PS3 with iPhone or iPod Touch

We previously posted an entire guide on how to Jailbreak the PlayStation 3 with an Android Phone and also that iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd confirmed that the hack would soon be coming to iPhones.

Well guess what, its here folks! The PSGroove / PSFreedom has been ported over to jailbroken iPhones but the interesting thing is that it is not by the same team which MuscleNerd talked about. Its actually by a hacker who goes by the name of