Samsung CEO, We Dont Want HPs Garbage ” Or Something Like That

Choi, in response to a reports question about the recent analyst report, stated, Its not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion, and that Samsung would never pursue such a deal.


HPs WebOS Tablet Plays Solid Hand Against a Stacked Deck

When the chips are down and the cards have been dealt, do you go big or go home? With the debut of its TouchPad tablet, HP’s answer is clear: We’re all in, baby.


Screenshots reveal webOS Skype integration

HP’s webOS is already tightly integrated with a number of services but‚  now it appears that the OS will soon offer Skype integration, too.

According to


Pogoplug adds printing support, wireless adapter and Biz start shipping

Neat little update for Pogoplug owners today: the latest firmware update adds printing support, allowing iPhones, Android devices, and anything else that can hit the diminutive home server’s web interface to print files.

Any HP or Epson printer from 2005 or later is supported over USB — network printers just need to be on the same network — and the firmware is rolling out now. Pogoplug is also shipping that 802.1


Chinese Critical of Apple, Sony for Dirty Chinese Factories

Chinese non-governmental organizations are calling on major technology companies like HP, Apple, Sony and Vodafone to clean out polluters from their supply chains and inform the public about possible contamination from manufacturing.


10 Things HP Got By Buying Palm

Over the years, Palm made some really cool products–and considered making some really weird ones.