Eskimo Triplets Start a Skin-care Line from the Arctic

For the Sparck sisters, growing up in the Arctic tundra taught them a lot more than survival skills.

In fact, this expansive, unspoiled land is the inspiration behind their natural cosmetics company, ArXotica.


The Kurio: A Kid’s Tablet That Parents Can Use, Too?

We’ve seen kid-friendly tablets come and go in the past, but most recently the OLPC XO 3.0 looked like it could be the computing savior of third word children.

The new Kurio tablet, made by Inspiration Works, will come in three sizes: 7-inch; 8-inch and 10-inch, reports Pocket Lint. What’s neat about it, though, is that it’s desgined to be used by both adult and child alike, and it seems like the company have put some thought into how they make t


Vintage Superhero-Themed Wedding Looks Like a Blast (PICS)

A shared feeling of tremendous victory over a taxing 18-month separation while they pursued their career goals became the inspiration for the superhero-themed wedding of Megan Harrod and Thomas Suszynski.

Embodying the themes and aesthetics loved by them both, the never-say-die idiom of superheroes influenced everything about the wedding, which was captured in a series of lovely portraits and published on the bride’s Etsy blog.


5 Episode Arcs for Trent Reznor’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Show

Year Zero was created by Trent and co. as a rallying cry against the Bush administration.

But with George W. Bush and his cronies now long gone, who can Reznor turn to for villainous inspiration for his upcoming series? Enter: The Tea Party.


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