Intel’s Ivy Bridge Lineup Leaked to the Web

There’s been a lot of talk about Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform lately, and specifically whether or not the Santa Clara chip maker’s new CPUs are being delayed until summer.

Conflicting reports abound, but one thing we do know is that Ivy Bridge is right around the corner. Thanks to a leaked slide that’s made its way to the Web, we’re also privy…


Adults-Only Vending Machine Debuts from Kraft

Kraft and Intel have teamed up to unveil a new vending machine that dispenses samples, but only if you’re an adult.


Intel buys networking chipmaker because the data center is now the computer

Intel has purchased an Ethernet silicon company in a move that mimics the industry trend toward viewing the data center as the computer as computing becomes more distributed.

Intel said on Tuesday it would buy Fulcrum Microsystems, a venture-backed company that’s 11 years old.


Intel unveils laptops that include tablet features

Intel unveiled a new category of laptops that it says will include the best features of tablets as the world’s top chipmaker struggles to find its footing in the exploding market for mobile gadgets.


How Republicans have tried — and failed — to claim credit for bin Laden’s death, with the help of torture

Like so many memes that persist in politics, this one started on the Internet.

The morning after President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan, conservatives started crowing that credit should be given to President George W. Bush — specifically, for having the foresight and courage to torture the people who provided the initial scraps of intel that ultimately led the CIA to a giant compound just north of Islamabad.


Apple to Roll Out New iMacs?

If rumors are true, Apple will refresh its line of iMacs on Tuesday, May 3, adding the latest Intel Core i5/i7 processors and that new Thunderbolt port.


Intel Officially Introduces Sandy Bridge [Review]

Intel’s new Core i7-2600K CPU lives up to the prerelease hype about the Sandy Bridge platform’s media prowess.


Intel Responder

Intel Responder se enfrenta hoy aAna Cristina Merino para ser criticado…

El mejor autoresponder existente en el mercado ahora a su alcance: Software profesional de autorespuesta inteligente para suscripción y seguimiento en Internet.

Para ver la revisión completa haga clic aquí:

Leaked Intel roadmap reveals six new notebook CPUs for 2010

We love the smell of silicon in the morning — especially when it emanates from one of Intel’s legendary leaked roadmaps.

Today, we’ve stumbled acros