U.S. Anti-Piracy Police Kept Secret From The Public

Last month the MPAA and RIAA made a deal with all the major Internet providers in the United States to systematically hunt down file-sharers.

The new Copyright Alerts system will directly affect millions of Internet users, but thus far the participating parties have refused to disclose which monitoring company will act as anti-piracy detectives. Its time for the big reveal.


FBI: If We Told You . . .You Might Sue (II)

Yesterday, we posted a troubling explanation from the FBI of why it doesnt want you to know whether your phone and internet providers are cooperating in the most expansive surveillance program that Congress has ever enacted: You might sue.


Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts

Internet providers were shut down and Facebook accounts deleted across Algeria
on Saturday as thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were arrested in
violent street demonstrations.