Apple Next Gen iPad Event a Week Away

Barcelona is at the top of the news circles now.

There is so much to tell about Mobile World Congress. But it will fade away soon and San Francisco will take the place. The Cupertino giant has scheduled an event in San Francisco next week and is expected to unwrap the next generation iPad.


Can the iPad Really Replace Your Laptop?

Sure, there are tons of apps and ample reason for Mac lovers to ditch their laptops for the iPad.

But, is it really the right choice?


Apple beating Samsung on its home turf as the iPad passes 1 million sales in Korea

Apple has reached 1 million iPad sales in Korea with a market share of around 70 percent, well ahead of Samsung and its Tab tablets.


iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week of Feb. 7

Even as the Patriots’ hopes and dreams were strangled in the Super Bowl, the iOSsphere rumors for iPad 3 mounted anew on wings like eagles.


iPad propels Apple to top of PC market as growth stalls without tablets

Apple is the king of the PC heap, so long as you consider the iPad among those devices.

Research firm Canalys does, and its most recent look at PC sales, focusing on the fourth quarter of 2011, shows the PC market growing with the iPad included.


Microsoft Updated its OneNote iOS App To Provide Support For iPad

Microsoft has updated its OneNote iOS app to provide support for Apples iPad and iPad2.

The new version of this app, OneNote 1.3, works on any device which supports iOS 4.3 or higher.


iPad buyers are exactly who you think they are, but with pets (infographic) | VentureBeat

Although the $199 Kindle Fire hybrid e-reader and tablet has captured a lot of consumer attention in the last few weeks, Apple’s iPad is still the most popular and desired tablet device across the board, especially with kids.


iPad most wanted holiday gift among young children, study finds

If you have children aged 6-12 in your family, chances are they want an iPad, iPod touch or an iPhone for the holidays.

According to new data from The


iCloud ‘just works’ for songs

LOS ANGELES “ Syncing music from your iPhone or iPad across computers has got to be one of the least enjoyable experiences in Apple’s computing ecosystem.

The advent of iCloud was meant to lift the headaches of this cord-reliant process into the upper atmosphere and usher in what the late Apple guru Steve Jobs called the post-PC world.


Muammar Qaddafi should not have been killed but sent to stand trial in the Hague

Surrendering to a feeling of deep impotence and slight absurdity, I borrowed an iPad on Thursday afternoon and used it to send my first-ever message by this means.

It was addressed to one of those distinguished Frenchmen who have been at the fore in pressing the outside world to remove…


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